Our work in Hastings

With partners Historic England, alongside New Writing North, National Centre for Writing, Literature Works, Writing West Midlands, Writing East Midlands, Spread the Word

High Street Tales is part of the cultural programme of the High Street Heritage Action Zones (HAZ) project run by Historic England. Its aim is to create a set of stories to be broadcast and distributed online that celebrate the local high street, the people and communities who depend on them and centre their lives around theirs, and the roles they have played – and will continue to play – in our lives.  

New Writing South participated in the High Street Tales project, running an open call for a Hastings-based writer through which Robin Pridy was selected to take part.

You can listen to all the High Street Tales stories as a podcast series from Historic England and read the stories online as a PDF.



Find out more on the Historic England website:

Hastings Digital Trail

With partners Trinity Triangle Hastings and Historic England 

Following the High Street Tales project in 2020, New Writing South partnered with Trinity Triangle Hastings and Historic England to work with a further ten writers, of all abilities and experience, writing fiction, life writing and poetry for a Hastings based digital trail.

A combination of short stories, short prose and poems  inspired by people and places in Trinity Triangle, Hastings will be loaded, as a mixture of text and audio, onto The Trinity Triangle website and app and become part of the experience.  

Write Night

Presented by Wayne Herbert

Write Night is a Hastings-based series of events, in person and online, presented by Wayne Herbert. The first installment took place in early 2020, with subsequent events moving online due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Hastings Literary Festival

New Writing South is a proud partner of Hastings Literature Festival in 2021. Find out more about the festival on https://hastingslitfest.org/