A month of well-being events for writers

As a writer, when and how do you make time to look after yourself? There is increasing pressure to always be ‘on’ as a writer: to unceasingly write – edit – submit – publish – network – promote. It can feel like there is no option other than to hustle hard, and it’s true for most people that being a writer involves a thick skin, steely resolve, and unwavering persistence. But writing is a long game: a marathon, not a sprint. Your creativity needs time and rest to recover. As do you – as a person – doing all the other work involved in ‘being a writer’. How do you reset and relax, and keep your writing practice healthy?

This July, we invite you to give yourself space to draw breath – and make time for writing alongside necessary, restorative rest. Free and low-cost places are available for all these events. More information is available on the individual event pages.

Supported by ALCS.

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Meditation resources by Rifa Thorpe-Tracey