Deadline extended to 27 July 2020! Apply for this development programme aimed at poets living or working in southeast England.

writers place poet - text with collage of graffiti
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Apply to Writers’ Place Poets, development programme for poets, to learn more about the craft and business of poetry. Deadline for applications: 20 July 2020.

The Writers’ Place Poets was launched in 2017 by acclaimed poet Dean Atta during his time as Guest Artistic Director. In 2020, the programme will be led by poet, Sea Sharp.

This development programme is aimed at poets living or working in southeast England. Based in Brighton, over the course of six monthly sessions, you will be guided to take the next steps in your poetry career. Between sessions, you will have regular homework and benefit from virtual mentoring. You will also be encouraged to share skills and offer mutual support within the group.

Find out more about the programme and apply.

About Sea Sharp

a portrait of the poet, Sea Sharp
Sea Sharp

SEA SHARP is an award-winning poet and author of Black Cotton (Waterloo Press, 2019) and The Swagger of Dorothy Gale & Other Filthy Ways to Strut (Ice Cube Press, 2017). In the Arts Council England funded theatrical show, Brother Insect, Sea Sharp was both playwright and performer.

On the stage or on the page, their work is known to be “emotively confrontational and politically charged”, unflinching with uncompromising critiques on how we continuously mistreat each other, ourselves and our planet. 

To this day, Sea Sharp is still black and queer (but sometimes invisible).

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