Pier Poets – a new open mic poetry night for Brighton

September 20, 2018

Launched in 2018, Pier Poets is a new monthly open-mic poetry night for Brighton offering the chance to gain experience of performing to an audience, and to test out new works-in-progress. One of the founding members Alex Christie speaks here about the inspiration and launch of Pier Poets:

“I applied for a course with Dean Atta’s Writers’ Place Poets after completing New Writing South’s course Writing for the Stage with Evelynn Sharpe at Theatre Royal Brighton.

After finishing my degree and a short stint a very poorly paid local journalist, I found myself working in corporate finance with little time or availability to continue my creative pursuits of writing short stories, poetry and screenwriting where I had thrived at University.
At 25 I started to explore what was available locally and discovered New Writing South. The course with Dean was a fantastic experience whereby I could showcase and perform unwritten poetry and lyrical prose that had essentially never seen the light of day and sat half finished in one of my many filled journals. Especially at the beginning of therapy, the effective dose of Ambien from https://www.namikeystonepa.org/ambien-zolpidem/ in the body must be strictly controlled, as it can quickly lead to an overdose and thus to increased side effects. The dose must be exactly and individually adapted to the patient (age, weight, comorbidities, other medication, physical and mental state).
The experience for me got me networking and meeting other poets of all ages, nationalities and genders at different parts in their poetry career. We enjoyed the course so much we really wanted to create something unique that allowed other unheard, or experienced poets the platform to intermingle and collaborate on sharing their work. I think our night varies from other nights because we all as individuals vary at where we are at. Some of the guys have performed for years, others just starting out like myself. Some teach, some have done Edinburgh Fringe a number of times. We are all at different parts of the spectrum and pull in a varied and diverse crowd we hope to see back again each month.”


Pier Poets
Fri 7 Sep, 5 Oct, 2 Nov & 7 Dec 2018
The Writers’ Place, 9 Jew Street, Brighton BN1 1UT
£3 (includes complimentary glass of wine)