The Craft of Writing – with Lou Tondeur

Welcome to the Craft of Writing, a series of five blogs commissioned by New Writing South, from author Lou Tondeur.

This series is full of top tips to help strengthen your writing muscles, and support healthy habits and productive approaches to your writing practice.

Explore the series beneath – from writing rules (and how to break them) to organising your work, and developing a creative mindset.

broken pencil

Writing rules and how to break them

Show don’t tell, write every day, write what you know. I’ve seen people on social media, Twitter in particular, taking real exception to so-called writing rules […]

Focus, Flow and Commitment

Here’s an exercise you can use, which sort of approaches things back to front. Spend some time writing and jot down how long you spent, what time of the day it was, and how […]

Why everyone underestimates how long it will take to write a book (and what to do about it)

Our brains don’t like cognitive dissonance – holding two contradictory ideas at the same time – and we instinctively go out of our way to avoid it. Remember […]

Organise Your Writing Life

You can think of executive function skills as the suite of skills it takes to organise your life. These skills involve the ability to work to deadlines, sequencing […]

Writing and Mindset

Do you have a writing project in mind? Are you writing a novel or a play or a series of poems or a screenplay? Perhaps you want to […]