The Martlets Hospice poetry project

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Creative Learning Team member Evlynn Sharp worked with patients and staff at The Marlets Hospice in Brighton. 

The group, who met once a week for four weeks, worked together to create poetry. Here is one beautiful poem written a patient who kindly gave us her consent to share with you.

Waking up at three in the morning

Not tired any more - yet the day
Is still several long and fearful hours away.

I get up. Go to the window.
And pull the curtains
Watching the Street

All houses in the dark
Envious of everybody sleeping
Unlike me. Are they dreaming?
Gaining refreshment from a deep sleep?
Unlike me. Just watching the street.

Recent rain has painted the road
A miserable shade of grey
Reflecting my mid-night feelings.

And then: A flash of red!
Slowly moving towards my house
A Fox. Bushy tail trailing
He stops. Alert eyes looking up at me.

Proud self-assured he's watching me.
Our eyes lock
Watching each other
Who will look away first?

He does. Generously letting me win!
Then slowly he turns away
Majestically continuing his walk
King of the road.
Watching him  -  I smile. Content
And go to bed - to sleep
Dreaming of his beauty.
No longer watching