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Robert Cohen

About Robert Cohen

A playwright since 16, Robert offers not just three and a half decades of experience as a dramatist, but also the useful perspective that comes with being a professional actor (though he admits he’s only been doing that half as long). He’s enjoyed particular acclaim for his work in the field of writing and performing solo shows: The Trials of Harvey Matusow (true tale of a McCarthyite supergrass) won the FringeReview Outstanding Theatre Award, and Something Rotten (a reimagining of Hamlet from the POV of the prince’s Uncle Claudius) earned him an Argus Angel award. He’s also enjoyed success beyond the solo sphere, winning the Constance Cox Award for The Ragged Regiment, his dark comedy about internecine warfare backstage at a stuffed-animal museum.

He has read scripts for the Sussex Playwrights and carried out script-editing work for the Rialto Theatre, Simple Productions, and the young people’s writing charity Little Green Pig.