Poetry Critique Service

In association with Waterloo Press

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New Writing South and Waterloo Press have joined forces to offer poets a professional, honest and detailed critical report on their work.

Readers will identify strengths and suggest areas for development, both of specific poems and of the work as a whole. In addition you will be offered suggestions for reading and be signposted towards what to do and where to go with your work.

The service is open to poets at all stages of development.

How long does it take: Reports usually take four to six weeks

What does it cost?
Up to 5 pages: £40.00   (Report will be 800+ words)
Up to 10 pages: £60.00  (Report will be 1000+ words)

How to submit:

  1. Poems should be double spaced on A4 with no more than 40 lines a page as a Word Doc or a pdf
  2. In the same document attach an accompanying letter telling us a little about yourself, indicating where you are with your work and detailing any specific issues you would like the reader to address.

No initial letter or phone call is required. However, if you do wish to contact us with any queries we are available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have at any stage.

Can I send my poems by post?
If you prefer to send a hard copy of your poems, please do. Send your poems together with the appropriate fee and covering letter to:
Poetry Critique Service
New Writing South
The Writers’ Place
9 Jew Street
Brighton. BN1 1UT

Please note:  Hard-copy poems will only be returned if you enclose a pre-paid self-addressed envelope.

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