Green Stories – Adult Short Stories Competition

Deadline: 21 February 2022

Find Out More: https://www.greenstories.org.uk/upcoming-competitions/adult-short-stories-competition-feb-22/

Opportunity from: Liam

Contact: liam@newwritingsouth.com


Green Stories are seeking submissions for their adult short story competition.

Entries must conform to the green stories criteria of showing a positive vision of what a sustainable society might look like or include green solutions/policies/characters in the context of an otherwise mainstream story. It does NOT have to have an explicitly green theme, as green solutions can be smuggled in quite subtly.

Length: A short story of between 2000 and 5000 words plus a synopsis between 300 and 800 words (name and contact details optional) that covers genre, plot, characters, and details of how it meets the green stories criteria.

Eligibility: Open to all adults (18+) of any nationality, as long as the story is in English and has not been published elsewhere.

Entry Fee: Free – but entrants must show they have read at least one chapter from successfully published pieces from the Green Stories project that provide an example of entertaining mainstream fiction that meets the criteria of showing green solutions (not just problems) that readers can engage with. This year the book is Habitat Man, an eco-themed rom-com written specifically for the green stories project.

Submission details and link will be provided two months before the deadline.

For more information on the Green Stories Adult Short Story Competition, see: https://www.greenstories.org.uk/upcoming-competitions/adult-short-stories-competition-feb-22/