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Added: 19/03/2018

'Soon Come' by Colin Grant

Colin Grant makes a call for stories and memories of Caribbean immigration.

Added: 17/01/2018

How Not to Be a Writer by Rob Young

Rob Young highlights the common mistakes writers make and explains how to proactively promote your work.

Added: 13/12/2017

To see themselves in the books they read by Katrina Gutierrez (Lantana Publishing)

In this blog Katrina, director of Lantana Publishing, writes about her mission to publish more diverse and inclusive books so that all children can see themselves in the books they are reading. 

Added: 24/11/2017

Writing as an Act of Kindness - a Manifesto by Dean Atta

Dean wrote this month’s blog as a manifesto inspired by International Day of Kindness and he invites you to send him your own manifesto about why you write.

Added: 18/10/2017

Unfinished Business by Amy Zamarripa Solis

Amy Zamarripa Solis writes about her latest project and the importance of finishing what you have started.