Pupils and parents project

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Writer, Bridget Whelan, worked with pupils and their parents over the course of a 10-week residency at Bexhill High School.

Starting with the idea of a timeline, they worked together to create a variety of work, both visual and creative writing. Not only did the group create some fantastic writing, they bonded together as friends and neighbours, and parents and their children helped and encouraged each other.

One of the pupils said, ‘I have become more confident with my writing and more confident with working with other friends and family.’

From exploring different fashions through the ages, to writing letters to each other, each session was different.

One parent said the best thing about the workshops was ‘seeing other people, being involved in my son's education and having a chance to improve my knowledge.’

The work the parents and pupils produced was celebrated through an exhibition at the school.

Since the project has finished, the parents and carers felt so inspired that they wanted to continue with working on and developing their literacy further. This has been arranged through Bexhill High School and a 15 week adult literacy course is being delivered, which eight of them are now attending each week. This will also give them the opportunity, should they choose, to sit the National Literacy tests (Level 1 &2) at the end.