Congratulations to those selected for this year's NWS10 scheme

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The NWS10 scheme is aimed at talented writers in the early stages of their career. New Writing South supports a handpicked group of writers by responding to their particular needs over a minimum of one year; this may include career advice and development, industry introductions, professional critique services, one-to-one mentoring or free skill and craft training. We are looking for talent, potential and enthusiasm and this process is open to poets, playwrights, novelists or any other kind of creative writer.

This year we received almost double the number of applications we had in 2014. The judging panel enjoyed reading a wide range of submissions (across all genres and disciplines) and longlisted separately before coming together to reach a unanimous shortlist.

Congratulations to all the writers on the 2015-16 NWS10 scheme:

Tim Cook - playwright
Nina Cullinane - novelist and short story writer
Fergus Evans - short story writer
Robin Houghton - poet
Amanda Lane - playwright
Rick Lyons - playwright
Michelle Mullen - novelist
Jasmine Sharif - writer

NWS director, Chris Taylor said, ‘We’re looking forward to supporting more very talented writers over the next twelve months and working with them to develop their work and progress their careers’.

About the NWS10 scheme

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The NWS10 scheme was launched in September 2012 to provide bespoke support to ten talented writers. Individual support has included free:

  • Script and manuscript reads / reports
  • One to one surgeries
  • Mentoring
  • Individual career advice
  • Legal advice
  • Advice on mentoring and funding
  • Introductions and recommendations to producers and companies

In 2014-15, NWS10 writers had their work published, performed and professionally critiqued. Playwright Melody Bridges had a rehearsed reading for Cardigan Girl at The Nightingale Theatre, Paul McVeigh's debut novel The Good Son was published by Salt Publishing and Jill Munro's first poetry collection Man from La Paz was published by Green Bottle Press. Anna Hayward and Sarah Lewis successfully applied for Arts Council funding for mentoring and time to write, and Anna has completed her first novel, The Lives We Leave Behind.

Here's some of the feedback we have received about the NWS10 scheme:

The NWS10 scheme has given me access to an Arts Council Award for time to write, research in Italy and to have a mentor. Having a mentor has helped me to become a more rounded writer and given me the discipline to go from would-be novelist to holder of a very nearly complete manuscript. I find it impossible to imagine this would have happened without being part of the NWS10. – Anna

Being part of the NWS10 scheme has enabled me to say I’m a poet, and believe it! – Jill

The most valuable part of this NWS10 experience for me, has been feeling like I have 'someone' on my side, willing to help me realise my writing ambitions in any way they possibly can. I only ever have to ask. This has been a massive boost, and I cannot thank the NWS team, and Chris Taylor in particular, enough for their support. – Wendy

Thanks so much again for New Writing South's help. NWS10 gave me a free professional script read and I was overwhelmed by how detailed and thorough their report was. It's been incredibly helpful in the process of redrafting which I'm currently doing. – Roxy

Chris and Anna have always been very supportive of me in my writing however and I consider them to be great advocates and mentors. I think NWS is a brilliant organisation. – Freddie

I just want to send you my heartfelt thanks for all the opportunities and support you have offered in the past few months. New Writing South has been instrumental in advancing my writing skills and ‘career’, so truly thank you. – Lynne

Previous members of the NWS10 scheme:

Melody Bridges
Samreen Faria
Anna Hayward
Kicking K
Ben Keyworth
Sarah Naomi Lee
Sarah Lewis
Paul McVeigh 
Jill Munro
Chris Abuk
Lynne E Blackwood
Jonathan Brown
Roxy Dunn
Wendy Ann Greenhalgh
Freddie Machin
Tim Parker
Liz Porter
James Withey