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Sister Reminisce

And one by one she pointed to the stars in the night sky. “The best ones are always the ones just out of reach,” she said as she tried to cup her hands around a star a billion light years away. “They're our dreams, we must work hard to reach it”. That's what she used to say before she became a singer with thousands of adoring fans. She was gravity, they were drawn towards her as soon as she stood on the stage. In her first few moments in her career, she had been rejected several times leading her to fearing that she would be left to rot.

Several times during her performance when the crowd was bedazzled with a light show they would wish it was dark so they could see her. He latest single, “It's a robot bra” spread through the crowd like wildfire, exploring every air particle in the room. She even had her own merchandise, with her face printed on plates, pencil cases and the shops frequently heard someone say “£60! Okay, it was a pretty bottle”. The bottle in question was a dusty white sphere with my sister's picture wrapped around it. Dusty as in it was the old design, just like my sister was the old design, not the new person I could barely recognise, let alone sit down with at the family table.

Posted by Carl Mcwhinnie, Tuesday 28th January, 2014


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