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House Rules

Please find the time to read through the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before signing up to is an open, supportive and creative place for young writers. We want to make sure it stays that way so have a few simple rules…


1. Only your screen name

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Never give out private info like your name, your friend’s names, phone numbers, mobiles, your home, or school address, either in your comments, or though the creative work you upload. Be wary of people who ask you for too much information. Your screen name is all anybody needs to know.


2. Be yourself

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We only want the real you on the site. Pretending to be someone else when signing up to the site is not acceptable. Anyone found doing so will be removed from the site.


3. Don’t go to an offline meet

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You could get a nasty shock if you arrange to meet online friends in real life, so don’t do it. It’s not worth the risk.
In the same way don’t accept invitations to chat in an unmonitored chat room.


4. Upload your stuff

Show or hide is your opportunity to share your writing. This is encouraged. But please upload work ONLY created by you, or you have the copyright holder’s permission. Respect the copyright of others. If you want to upload something created by you and your friends, ask them first.


5. Play nicely

Show or hide is a supportive resource for you, so treat people how you would like to be treated yourself. This means no swearing, no offensive posts, or comments, no links to offensive material, and no bullying. Behaviour and/or comments that are racist, sexist, or homophobic are not tolerated on and will be removed. Anyone found guilty of this behaviour risks being banned from the site completely. If you come across any offensive comments or links, please report it to us.



6. Respect other opinions

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We encourage you to feedback and critique each other’s work. People’s feedback and opinions may not be in line with your own, but please respect their right to contribute feely and openly.


7. Report it

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If you see anyone acting against these rules, or see any content you think is hateful or offensive, please report it
to us.


8. We can see you

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Our professional moderators have their eyes on every bit of the site. This isn’t to restrict your creative contributions- we won’t invade your privacy but equally we won’t tolerate any bullying or abusive behaviour.


9. For young writers

Show or hide was conceived, built, and designed, for 13 to 18 year olds. If you’re over eighteen you may be more suited to the New Writing South website. Visit to find out how to become a member.



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