Christine Harmar Brown

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Christine Harmar Brown

How did you get into writing?

I wrote my first play when I was 11 having been challenged to do so by my headmistress. I was rebelling a bit and she wanted to ‘engage’ me. To her credit she saw it through as I wrote it, directed it and put it on over two nights in front of the entire school. It was called Dear Diary and was a bit Agatha Christie meets Mills & Boon. After that I directed devised work for the Tricycle Youth Theatre and The Royal Court Young People’s Theatre and started writing from there.

What is your inspiration?

Stuff that makes me cross, families, the knife edge of possibility.

What writing accomplishment are you most proud of?

Evoking extreme emotions.

What is your top tip for a young writer?

Write it down! All those great ideas, overheard bits of conversation, stupid things people say that you plan to remember – you won’t. Get a notebook and take it everywhere.

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